Documentation for 30MFF

1. Project description: This is a website of the movie that was done during the first week of classes. The goal of the website is to be as much annoying as possible, so that is why there is a lot of "hello" all over the website and the video has a very huge size.

2. Process: The whole concept came to my mind when we filmed the video. It was a bit annoying so I thought the website might as well be annoying. I have tried to implement a video carousel where the next slide is always the same video. I have created a carousel of photos, but things went wrong when i put in the iframe. To save up time I had deleted the broken carousel and just left the video. I have played around with navigation bar and have successfuly implemented the buttons to work but since i have no other pages it leads to the same page. Also I have added the footer which hold some informations as the logo of the university, my information and the names of the creators of the video.

3. Reflection/Evaluations: My expectations were very high, but since it is my first (first and a half) experience in developing websites, it turned out to be very confusing and time consuming. It is way harder than coding in C# or C++ and i expected to be more simple. I was quite wrong so thats why my website didnt really meet the expectations of what I initially intended. I tried to cover the main goals in the grading rubric such as "Storytelling, code quality, technichal implementation, creativity and user experience". But still even having these five main goals doesn't really satisfy the look of the website.