Documentation for comic

1. Project description:
This is a website where we had to create a comic of 6 panels in groups of two. My teammate was Waad Abrahim. It is the second project for commlab so far and our goal was to create a scrolling experience for the user. The drawings were done in procreate using an iPad.

2. Process:
The website is done such that it works for both PC's and phones/tablets (totally adjustable). The idea of the comic came to us during our first meeting when we have heard that the Florence campus of NYUAD is shutting down. So we decided to create a comic of cats in university, completely not related to ours by the way, which had some similar issues with an interesting ending to the story. After coming up with the story, during class Sarah has told us that the art/pictures have to be created by the authors. That was a big disaster for us. Both of us are artisticly challenged (c) Filip, and therefore it was really hard to come up with the panels. After brainstorming we decided to divide the work as following: I was doing the drawings and Waad was doing the website. I have borrowed an iPad from the IM lab and started using procreate. At first it was very to draw, but as time passed it was much easier to create panels. By the time I was finished with the 6 panels, Waad already has done the website and all we had to do is to add the pictures there. I have adjusted the code on the website a bit such that it is adjustable to the screen size and after we've commented the code, the work appeared on the website.

3. Reflection/Evaluations:
To be honest, my expectations were exactly as they are visible on the website. We have a scrolling experience for the user with animations (Animate On Scroll, aka AOS) and adding some delays to the dialogues made it a really interesting experience. Since both of us were artistacally challenged, it was really hard to come up with some of the panels. As mentioned before, with time it became easier (first 4 panels took a week and the last two took only a day)