Documentation for video

1. Project Discription: The initial idea turned out to be the last idea as well. Looking through the promts we came across "How to..." and the only thing that came to our minds was the YouTube channel "How to basic". The style of the channel is peacefull perectionist videos but when one thing goes wrong the author goes wild, crazy and chaotic. We tried to stick close to that as well and the result is our videos

2. Process: We decided to divide and conquer. Each one of us were supposed to film a video and then Majo was doing the editing while Alyazia and I were doing the website (to be honest Alyazia did most of it). Each one of us had a GoPro available so we did our videos which turned out to be very funny and chaotic and the result is up and going.

3. Reflection/evaluation: The project really became a "How to.." sequel in quarantine life. The initial idea matches what we created and actually, I would say, exceeds the expectations. Hope you'll have fun and survive through quarantine :)